The interactive a/v installation Shizen No Koe is based on the modulation of video and audio when a hand is immersed in water: the modulation of both follows the movement of the hand in the tank. It is a metaphor that wants to underline how human being can break the natural balance. The work is a collaboration between Giuseppe La Spada, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Calembour.

Concept and Video: Giuseppe La Spada
Original Soundtrack: Ryuichi Sakamoto
Interaction: Calembour
FOR – Festival For the Earth – Musée océanographique de Monaco (2017)
Sublimis – South Street Seaport Museum, New York (2016)
Sublimis – Triennale di Milano (2015)

shizen shizen shizen shizen
shizen Material: Water, glass, Arduino, computer, projector, speakers
Software: Max/Msp, Arduino