The work is an ironic allegory about conformism. The perspective is how sexual liberation movements are changed and in wich way old and new are tied or come into conflict. Some lipstick bullets are here the weapon against a contemporary stereotype: a boby, half unicorn and half human, reppresent how simply declaring/dressing/naming/belonging to a horizon of meaning seems sufficient to proclaim ourselves an “activist, without taking a further step forward on a cultural level. It’s the explosion of the pink washing, which in the times of social networks has literally wiped out diversity in the name of systematic recognition in a group, which has become standardized and homologated. It is also an attack on patriarchal culture, standardized and leveled by the artistic system, even where the terrain is that of experimentation: the abuse of codes and archetypes, typical of a new and interesting way of investigating the network, winks at atavistic mode of flattering of the current in vogue. The killing reference is to the blow started by the gun of Valerie Solanas, writer and activist, against Andy Warhol, then at the height of his career and in the most auspicious moment of pop art.

Concept: Calembour

Material: gun, lipstick/bullet, broken smartphone, liquid glitter, unicorn mask, clothes, dummy

unicorn unicorn Echo chamber - Edicola Radetzky, Milan, Italy (2018)