Ex Aqua – of water – refers to the Latin expression “ex aequo”, which means “au pair”, without defeats or winners, as natural balance would like. Human being does not govern nature, he is an interlocking part of it and as such it he must consider himself and nature. The project intends to underline the consequences of the presence of plastic materials in water, both marine and fluvial. It is composed by an audiovisual work based on the balance and the clarity of the forms, that is modified through the voluntary immersion of hands in a water tank. The installation intends to represent the problem of harmful human intervention through an audiovisual installation that immediately underlines the effect of our touch in water: a cause/effect, action/reaction operation that is a warning to our act in the world, even through small daily gestures.

EX AQUA (2018)
Concept: Calembour
Interaction: Giorgia Petri

Material: Water, glass, Arduino, computer, projector, speakers
Software: Max/Msp, Arduino

fiat1 fiat1 fiat1 From the exhibition “Aquae” curated by CNR
Palazzo Ducale – Festival della Scienza, Genoa (2018)
95th Anniversary of the National Research Council, Rome (2018)