The interactive a/v installation H3RTZ is based on the modulation of frequency in the brain electrical activity and how such variation relates to the electrical manifestation of changes of states of our brain activity. The installation examines the Beta and Gamma Waves using a Brain Computer Interface, BCI in the form of a wearable head-bow: a sensor will measure the oscillation of the cerebral frequency and, depending on the captured waves, it will correspond to the audiovisual modulation of the installation. The video in the H3RTZ is based on the flow of organized movements in bird flocks. Mysterious and highly coordinated movements, as mysterious and organized are the mechanisms and the flows of energy that underlie the functioning of our brain.

H3RTZ (2017)
Concept: Calembour
Interaction: Giorgia Petri

Material: Mindwave mobile, computer, projector, speakers
Software: Max/Msp, Mindwave interface

fiat1 fiat1 fiat1 fiat1 fiat1 fiat1 Electropark Exchanges - Teatro Franco Parenti, Milano (2018)
Deep Murky Waters - Macao, Milano (2017)