The intention behind the interactive installation is to recreate an anthropized natural environment, which restores the peace and quiet of the contemplation of a natural landscape and, at the same time, underlines a desire to interact with it, through digital grafts of an archeology of the present. What is represented is a sort of pagan altar, inside which the body of Christ is compared to the natural elements and the Trinity is a fluid movement of strongly lysergic colors, with a dark but at the same time meditative background sound. When the audience come into contact with nature, this balance breaks: audio and video are glitched. The messianic value of the contemporary human being is the same as that of Christianity, that is to save humanity, and the healthiness of the Earth, from itself: a pagan salvation in which Messiah is each of us.

Concept: Calembour
Interaction, Sound design: Giorgia Petri

Software and hardware: Max/Msp+Arduino
Material: stones, sand, plants, speakers, Arduino, monitors

fiat1 fiat1 fiat1 fiat1 Blooming Festival - Pergola, Italy (2018)
1M SOTTO LA METRO - Malatesta, Rome (2021)
Muutos, Kattilakoski culture - Kärsämäki, Finland (2018)